"Great Expectations"
by Charles Dickens

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     "Halloa, Pip!" said Joe, staring at me.

     "It was some broken wittles--that's what it was--and a dram of liquor, and a pie."

     "Have you happened to miss such an article as a pie, blacksmith?" asked the sergeant, confidentially.

     "My wife did, at the very moment when you came in. Don't you know, Pip?"

     "So," said my convict, turning his eyes on Joe in a moody manner, and without the least glance at me,--"so you're the blacksmith, are you? Than I'm sorry to say, I've eat your pie."


     "God knows you're welcome to it,--so far as it was ever mine," returned Joe, with a saving remembrance of Mrs. Joe. "We don't know what you have done, but we wouldn't have you starved to death for it, poor miserable fellow-creatur.--Would us, Pip?"

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