"Great Expectations"
by Charles Dickens

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     As we were going with our candle along the dark passage, Estella stopped all of a sudden, and, facing round, said in her taunting manner, with her face quite close to mine,--


     "Well, miss?" I answered, almost falling over her and checking myself.

     She stood looking at me, and, of course, I stood looking at her.

     "Am I pretty?"

     "Yes; I think you are very pretty."


     "Am I insulting?"

     "Not so much so as you were last time," said I.

     "Not so much so?"


     She fired when she asked the last question, and she slapped my face with such force as she had, when I answered it.

     "Now?" said she. "You little coarse monster, what do you think of me now?"

     "I shall not tell you."

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