"Heart of Darkness"
by Joseph Conrad

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     "Ye-e-es," he muttered, not very convinced apparently.

     "Thanks," said I; "I shall keep my eyes open."

     "But quiet-eh?" he urged anxiously. "It would be awful for his reputation if anybody here -- "

     I promised a complete discretion with great gravity.

     "I have a canoe and three black fellows waiting not very far. I am off. Could you give me a few Martini-Henry cartridges?"


     I could, and did, with proper secrecy. He helped himself, with a wink at me, to a handful of my tobacco.

     "Between sailors -- you know -- good English tobacco." At the door of the pilot-house he turned round -- "I say, haven't you a pair of shoes you could spare?" He raised one leg. "Look."

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