"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
by Mark Twain

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     I was up in a second and shinning down the hill. I looked over my shoulder every now and then, but I didn't see nobody. I was at Judge Thatcher's as quick as I could get there. He said:

     "Why, my boy, you are all out of breath. Did you come for your interest?"

     "No, sir," I says; "is there some for me?"

     "Oh, yes, a half-yearly is in last night--over a hundred and fifty dollars. Quite a fortune for you. You had better let me invest it along with your six thousand, because if you take it you'll spend it."


     "No, sir," I says, "I don't want to spend it. I don't want it at all --nor the six thousand, nuther. I want you to take it; I want to give it to you--the six thousand and all."

     He looked surprised. He couldn't seem to make it out. He says:

     "Why, what can you mean, my boy?"

     I says, "Don't you ask me no questions about it, please. You'll take it --won't you?"

     He says:

     "Well, I'm puzzled. Is something the matter?"

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