"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
by Mark Twain

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     "What's de use er makin' up de camp fire to cook strawbries en sich truck? But you got a gun, hain't you? Den we kin git sumfn better den strawbries."

     "Strawberries and such truck," I says. "Is that what you live on?"

     "I couldn' git nuffn else," he says.

     "Why, how long you been on the island, Jim?"

     "I come heah de night arter you's killed."

     "What, all that time?"



     "And ain't you had nothing but that kind of rubbage to eat?"

     "No, sah--nuffn else."

     "Well, you must be most starved, ain't you?"

     "I reck'n I could eat a hoss. I think I could. How long you ben on de islan'?"

     "Since the night I got killed."

     "No! W'y, what has you lived on? But you got a gun. Oh, yes, you got a gun. Dat's good. Now you kill sumfn en I'll make up de fire."

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