"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
by Mark Twain

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     "Goshen, child? This ain't Goshen. This is St. Petersburg. Goshen's ten mile further up the river. Who told you this was Goshen?"

     "Why, a man I met at daybreak this morning, just as I was going to turn into the woods for my regular sleep. He told me when the roads forked I must take the right hand, and five mile would fetch me to Goshen."

     "He was drunk, I reckon. He told you just exactly wrong."

     "Well, he did act like he was drunk, but it ain't no matter now. I got to be moving along. I'll fetch Goshen before daylight."


     "Hold on a minute. I'll put you up a snack to eat. You might want it."

     So she put me up a snack, and says:

     "Say, when a cow's laying down, which end of her gets up first? Answer up prompt now--don't stop to study over it. Which end gets up first?"

     "The hind end, mum."

     "Well, then, a horse?"

     "The for'rard end, mum."

     "Which side of a tree does the moss grow on?"

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