"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
by Mark Twain

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     I never see such a nigger. If he got a notion in his head once, there warn't no getting it out again. He was the most down on Solomon of any nigger I ever see. So I went to talking about other kings, and let Solomon slide. I told about Louis Sixteenth that got his head cut off in France long time ago; and about his little boy the dolphin, that would a been a king, but they took and shut him up in jail, and some say he died there.

     "Po' little chap."

     "But some says he got out and got away, and come to America."

     "Dat's good! But he'll be pooty lonesome--dey ain' no kings here, is dey, Huck?"



     "Den he cain't git no situation. What he gwyne to do?"

     "Well, I don't know. Some of them gets on the police, and some of them learns people how to talk French."

     "Why, Huck, doan' de French people talk de same way we does?"

     "NO, Jim; you couldn't understand a word they said--not a single word."

     "Well, now, I be ding-busted! How do dat come?"

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