"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
by Mark Twain

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     "It's natural and right for 'em to talk different from each other, ain't it?"


     "And ain't it natural and right for a cat and a cow to talk different from US?"

     "Why, mos' sholy it is."

     "Well, then, why ain't it natural and right for a FRENCHMAN to talk different from us? You answer me that."

     "Is a cat a man, Huck?"



     "Well, den, dey ain't no sense in a cat talkin' like a man. Is a cow a man?--er is a cow a cat?"

     "No, she ain't either of them."

     "Well, den, she ain't got no business to talk like either one er the yuther of 'em. Is a Frenchman a man?"


     "WELL, den! Dad blame it, why doan' he TALK like a man? You answer me DAT!"

     I see it warn't no use wasting words--you can't learn a nigger to argue. So I quit.

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