"Jane Eyre"
by Charlotte Bronte

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     "You have a kind aunt and cousins."

     Again I paused; then bunglingly enounced--

     "But John Reed knocked me down, and my aunt shut me up in the red-room."

     Mr. Lloyd a second time produced his snuff-box.

     "Don't you think Gateshead Hall a very beautiful house?" asked he. "Are you not very thankful to have such a fine place to live at?"

     "It is not my house, sir; and Abbot says I have less right to be here than a servant."


     "Pooh! you can't be silly enough to wish to leave such a splendid place?"

     "If I had anywhere else to go, I should be glad to leave it; but I can never get away from Gateshead till I am a woman."

     "Perhaps you may--who knows? Have you any relations besides Mrs. Reed?"

     "I think not, sir."

     "None belonging to your father?"

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