"Jane Eyre"
by Charlotte Bronte

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     The superintendent of Lowood (for such was this lady) having taken her seat before a pair of globes placed on one of the tables, summoned the first class round her, and commenced giving a lesson on geography; the lower classes were called by the teachers: repetitions in history, grammar, &c., went on for an hour; writing and arithmetic succeeded, and music lessons were given by Miss Temple to some of the elder girls. The duration of each lesson was measured by the clock, which at last struck twelve. The superintendent rose--

     "I have a word to address to the pupils," said she.

     The tumult of cessation from lessons was already breaking forth, but it sank at her voice. She went on--


     "You had this morning a breakfast which you could not eat; you must be hungry:--I have ordered that a lunch of bread and cheese shall be served to all."

     The teachers looked at her with a sort of surprise.

     "It is to be done on my responsibility," she added, in an explanatory tone to them, and immediately afterwards left the room.

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