"Jane Eyre"
by Charlotte Bronte

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     "Does he live here?"

     "No--two miles off, at a large hall."

     "Is he a good man?"

     "He is a clergyman, and is said to do a great deal of good."

     "Did you say that tall lady was called Miss Temple?"


     "And what are the other teachers called?"


     "The one with red cheeks is called Miss Smith; she attends to the work, and cuts out--for we make our own clothes, our frocks, and pelisses, and everything; the little one with black hair is Miss Scatcherd; she teaches history and grammar, and hears the second class repetitions; and the one who wears a shawl, and has a pocket-handkerchief tied to her side with a yellow ribband, is Madame Pierrot: she comes from Lisle, in France, and teaches French."

     "Do you like the teachers?"

     "Well enough."

     "Do you like the little black one, and the Madame ---?--I cannot pronounce her name as you do."

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