"Tom Sawyer"
by Mark Twain

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     "Lord, pap can tell, easy. Pap says when they keep looking at you right stiddy, they're a-witching you. Specially if they mumble. Becuz when they mumble they're saying the Lord's Prayer backards."

     "Say, Hucky, when you going to try the cat?"

     "To-night. I reckon they'll come after old Hoss Williams to-night."

     "But they buried him Saturday. Didn't they get him Saturday night?"

     "Why, how you talk! How could their charms work till midnight?--and then it's Sunday. Devils don't slosh around much of a Sunday, I don't reckon."


     "I never thought of that. That's so. Lemme go with you?"

     "Of course--if you ain't afeard."

     "Afeard! 'Tain't likely. Will you meow?"

     "Yes--and you meow back, if you get a chance. Last time, you kep' me a-meowing around till old Hays went to throwing rocks at me and says 'Dern that cat!' and so I hove a brick through his window--but don't you tell."

     "I won't. I couldn't meow that night, becuz auntie was watching me, but I'll meow this time. Say--what's that?"

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