"Tom Sawyer"
by Mark Twain

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     The howling stopped. Tom pricked up his ears.

     "Sh! What's that?" he whispered.

     "Sounds like--like hogs grunting. No--it's somebody snoring, Tom."

     "That is it! Where 'bouts is it, Huck?"

     "I bleeve it's down at 'tother end. Sounds so, anyway. Pap used to sleep there, sometimes, 'long with the hogs, but laws bless you, he just lifts things when he snores. Besides, I reckon he ain't ever coming back to this town any more."


     The spirit of adventure rose in the boys' souls once more.

     "Hucky, do you das't to go if I lead?"

     "I don't like to, much. Tom, s'pose it's Injun Joe!"

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