"Tom Sawyer"
by Mark Twain

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     "Oh, they have just a bully time--take ships and burn them, and get the money and bury it in awful places in their island where there's ghosts and things to watch it, and kill everybody in the ships--make 'em walk a plank."

     "And they carry the women to the island," said Joe; "they don't kill the women."

     "No," assented Tom, "they don't kill the women--they're too noble. And the women's always beautiful, too.

     "And don't they wear the bulliest clothes! Oh no! All gold and silver and di'monds," said Joe, with enthusiasm.


     "Who?" said Huck.

     "Why, the pirates."

     Huck scanned his own clothing forlornly.

     "I reckon I ain't dressed fitten for a pirate," said he, with a regretful pathos in his voice; "but I ain't got none but these."

     But the other boys told him the fine clothes would come fast enough, after they should have begun their adventures. They made him understand that his poor rags would do to begin with, though it was customary for wealthy pirates to start with a proper wardrobe.

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