"A Tale of Two Cities"
by Charles Dickens

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     "Tom!" softly over the coach roof.

     "Hallo, Joe."

     "Did you hear the message?"

     "I did, Joe."

     "What did you make of it, Tom?"

     "Nothing at all, Joe."

     "That's a coincidence, too," the guard mused, "for I made the same of it myself."


     Jerry, left alone in the mist and darkness, dismounted meanwhile, not only to ease his spent horse, but to wipe the mud from his face, and shake the wet out of his hat-brim, which might be capable of holding about half a gallon. After standing with the bridle over his heavily-splashed arm, until the wheels of the mail were no longer within hearing and the night was quite still again, he turned to walk down the hill.

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