"A Tale of Two Cities"
by Charles Dickens

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     "So at least you say he may have been one of them?"

     "Yes. Except that I remember them both to have been--like myself--timorous of highwaymen, and the prisoner has not a timorous air."

     "Did you ever see a counterfeit of timidity, Mr. Lorry?"

     "I certainly have seen that."

     "Mr. Lorry, look once more upon the prisoner. Have you seen him, to your certain knowledge, before?"

     "I have."



     "I was returning from France a few days afterwards, and, at Calais, the prisoner came on board the packet-ship in which I returned, and made the voyage with me."

     "At what hour did he come on board?"

     "At a little after midnight."

     "In the dead of the night. Was he the only passenger who came on board at that untimely hour?"

     "He happened to be the only one."

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