"Great Expectations"
by Charles Dickens

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     "There is some wisits p'r'aps," said Joe, "as for ever remains open to the question, Pip. But in regard to wisiting Miss Havisham. She might think you wanted something,--expected something of her."

     "Don't you think I might say that I did not, Joe?"

     "You might, old chap," said Joe. "And she might credit it. Similarly she mightn't."

     Joe felt, as I did, that he had made a point there, and he pulled hard at his pipe to keep himself from weakening it by repetition.


     "You see, Pip," Joe pursued, as soon as he was past that danger, "Miss Havisham done the handsome thing by you. When Miss Havisham done the handsome thing by you, she called me back to say to me as that were all."

     "Yes, Joe. I heard her."

     "ALL," Joe repeated, very emphatically.

     "Yes, Joe. I tell you, I heard her."

     "Which I meantersay, Pip, it might be that her meaning were,--Make a end on it!--As you was!--Me to the North, and you to the South!--Keep in sunders!"

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