"Great Expectations"
by Charles Dickens

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     I had thought of that too, and it was very far from comforting to me to find that he had thought of it; for it seemed to render it more probable.

     "But, Joe."

     "Yes, old chap."

     "Here am I, getting on in the first year of my time, and, since the day of my being bound, I have never thanked Miss Havisham, or asked after her, or shown that I remember her."


     "That's true, Pip; and unless you was to turn her out a set of shoes all four round,--and which I meantersay as even a set of shoes all four round might not be acceptable as a present, in a total wacancy of hoofs--"

     "I don't mean that sort of remembrance, Joe; I don't mean a present."

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