"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
by Mark Twain

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     "Why, pap and mam and sis and Miss Hooker; and if you'd take your ferryboat and go up there--"

     "Up where? Where are they?"

     "On the wreck."

     "What wreck?"

     "Why, there ain't but one."

     "What, you don't mean the Walter Scott?"



     "Good land! what are they doin' THERE, for gracious sakes?"

     "Well, they didn't go there a-purpose."

     "I bet they didn't! Why, great goodness, there ain't no chance for 'em if they don't git off mighty quick! Why, how in the nation did they ever git into such a scrape?"

     "Easy enough. Miss Hooker was a-visiting up there to the town--"

     "Yes, Booth's Landing--go on."

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