"Tom Sawyer"
by Mark Twain

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     "Why, Wednesday night I dreamt that you was sitting over there by the bed, and Sid was sitting by the woodbox, and Mary next to him."

     "Well, so we did. So we always do. I'm glad your dreams could take even that much trouble about us."

     "And I dreamt that Joe Harper's mother was here."

     "Why, she was here! Did you dream any more?"

     "Oh, lots. But it's so dim, now."

     "Well, try to recollect--can't you?"


     "Somehow it seems to me that the wind--the wind blowed the--the--"

     "Try harder, Tom! The wind did blow something. Come!"

     Tom pressed his fingers on his forehead an anxious minute, and then said:

     "I've got it now! I've got it now! It blowed the candle!"

     "Mercy on us! Go on, Tom--go on!"

     "And it seems to me that you said, 'Why, I believe that that door--'"

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