"Tom Sawyer"
by Mark Twain

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     "Go on, Tom!"

     "Just let me study a moment--just a moment. Oh, yes--you said you believed the door was open."

     "As I'm sitting here, I did! Didn't I, Mary! Go on!"

     "And then--and then--well I won't be certain, but it seems like as if you made Sid go and--and--"

     "Well? Well? What did I make him do, Tom? What did I make him do?"

     "You made him--you--Oh, you made him shut it."


     "Well, for the land's sake! I never heard the beat of that in all my days! Don't tell me there ain't anything in dreams, any more. Sereny Harper shall know of this before I'm an hour older. I'd like to see her get around this with her rubbage 'bout superstition. Go on, Tom!"

     "Oh, it's all getting just as bright as day, now. Next you said I warn't bad, only mischeevous and harum-scarum, and not any more responsible than--than--I think it was a colt, or something."

     "And so it was! Well, goodness gracious! Go on, Tom!"

     "And then you began to cry."

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